Thursday, May 28, 2009

Away We Go

This girl...

...slept in her own room the past two nights. Ok, maybe it's not a room, but a large closet about three feet away from our bed. It still feels like she's too far away, but if I get over myself, I know that this is better. She's starting to wake up easily with noise and light, and since our bedroom is more like a large room with our bed, couch, rocking chair, tv and desk in it, little Ives needs some peace and quiet.

Since I have a hard time with Ivy sleeping on the other side of a door three feet away, there is no chance I would leave her for two nights while Ryan and I head to Door County. Yes, that's right, we're going on a vacation!!! Dawn, a wonderful reader of my blog has gifted us with a stay at their family's condo in Door County. Amazing, right? Even more amazing, is that I don't even her! She emailed me a couple of months ago, and told me that she and her mom decided that Ryan and I need a vacation. What an astute decision, Dawn. We do need a vacation. So, while Sy man is living it up with Nonna and Papa, Ryan and I, with Ivy in tow, will be heading out this evening, hoping to enjoy long walks along the beach, swimming in the resorts indoor pool and eating way too much food. Dawn, thank you for blessing us with this opportunity. We love you!


  1. What a sweetie! Have a WONDERFUL trip!

  2. Bri, That's awesomeness! Enjoy this time and soak it up, mama! I'm beaming just thinking of how fun it sounds for the 3 of yas! Squeezes from the Crew!


  3. Enjoy every minute! Your babies are so beautiful!


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