Monday, April 6, 2009

Urgent Care

I'm sure there are many fabulous Urgent Care doctors out there, but why is it that I never get them? A few days ago, Ivy started getting a runny nose and a little cough. Since then, she has been having huge screaming fits in which you practically have to perform a circus act to get her to stop crying for about 5 seconds before it starts all over again. This is not like her, so I was worried that her ears might be infected. I decided to take her to Urgent Care yesterday instead of the pediatrician today, because Ryan was home to look after Sylas.

After the good doctor looked at my baby's ears, this conversation ensued...

Me: Do her ears look ok?

Him: Well, they look suspicious to me, so I'm just going to treat them with antibiotics.

Me: What do you mean, "suspicious?"

Him: They just look...not right.

Me: Do you see any infection?

Him: Well, there could be infection.

Me: Ok, but do you SEE any infection.

Him: No.

Me: Then I don't want Ivy to have antibiotics.

Him: I agree with you.


Thankfully I've done a bit of research and am aware of antibiotic abuse, so I knew to ask these questions. What about those who aren't aware of these risks? The rate at which bacterial resistance is growing is alarming.

So, for now, all our little Ivy needs is rest, lovin and the ever so amazing breast milk to fight off her virus. If she's not better soon, I'll take her to our regular pediatrician, but until then, antibiotics can wait for another day.


  1. Oh my ... working in the medical field and seeing many parents of kids who really didn't need antibiotics - I am sure the doctor was happy you weren't demanding them as many mothers:)
    Breast milk does wonders - you may even want to try putting some in her ears (weird, I know ... but my midwife told me to do it for plugged tear ducts, pinkeye and ears ... can't hurt:)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Tina. One of my friends also puts breastmilk in her kid's ears and neither of them have ever needed antibiotics. I think I'll give it a try.

  3. UHMMMM...What? He went to WHAT medical school? Hope Ivy will be well soon!

  4. We be praying Ivy gets better soon, too. I am grateful we have not had to take the kids to Urgent Care, but your experience sounds familiar to some of the doctors I have had treat me.

    Emma gets the in-home therapy thru the Birth to 3 program. It has been such a blessing to have them come into our home versus having to go out, especially this past winter!

    Take care

  5. As a nurse, I completely agree! So glad you spoke up. I know it's far to go from FDL, but there is a fabulous ped. named Dr. Green at Lakeshore Peds in Manitowoc.

  6. I know many have opinions about chiropractic, but we have had so much success. When our kids start getting congested I bring them in for a little massage to help get the fluid draining. I hope Ivy is feeling better soon! You have such a beautiful family. Many blessings of health to all of you!

  7. Hello! I'm sorry you had to have such a negative experience at Urgent Care :( I hope Ivy gets better soon and everyone stays healthy. I've been reading your blog for a while (I first learned about your family from WCCO news) and I finally have a free moment to comment. Your family is beautiful and I hope to have a family like yours someday. Always in my thoughts and prayers!

  8. Ah yes... I feel the same way about the medical field. During my pregnancy (short though it was) I never ever once saw or even spoke to a doctor... it was always nurses who generally played middle man. Up until at the very end, a midwife came in and told me that my baby died. Ugh... the medical field can be very frustrating... but still so important.

  9. Wow! What a frustrating experience! Hopefully it's nothing good ol' breast milk won't cure. I've even heard of moms using it as drops in the eyes and ears!

  10. I agree. I know a few people who have their kids on antibiotics with every sniffle and cough. A common cold doesn't need antibiotics but some just continue to use and abuse them. There's a time for them when there's a bacterial infection but just a regular virus needs to run it's course! I completely agree with you and good for you for speaking up about it as well.


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