Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sylas Says...

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Mommy and I had a fun, snuggly day together.

We met lots of new people and played with lots of new toys, but what I really want... to go home soon.

Thanks for praying for me.


  1. We are so glad to here that Sylas is sleeping peacefully. We will pray that he will go home tomorrow and that he will recover quickly.

    I know it is not easy to have to have one little one at home and one in the hospital. We continue to pray for you and Ryan and your sweet little Ivy.

    Take care and remember to take care of yourself too.


  2. oh my little sy guy - can you be any cuter? Hope you enjoyed a very special day with your mommy! love you . Always praying!

  3. Smiles are great medicine. Hope you are all home SOON!
    Praying as I go 2 bed,
    Jen and The Crew

  4. I just wanna hug that guy:) He's incredible - sick as can be and he's still a charmer! And, if I'm seeing correctly, he kind of has an uncle Phil hair cut:)

  5. Brianna - I can't believe I missed so many post. How scary for you guys - I hope Sylas feels better soon and you can all go home. We were in the hospital a couple weeks ago with Liam for pnemonia and it is a very scary thing. You are in our prayers.

  6. Little guy! I hope he's doing better. We're praying for him

  7. i hope sylas has been sleeping good since he has come home from the hospital,i will continue to keep praying for your family that God will keep blessing your family and that he will give you guys grace through the new journey that you guys have just recieved from the lord! ill keep praying that God will keep giving you courage,and strength through the lord. God bless you guys and give everyone a hug and a kiss for me. i love you guys a lot. aunti Kiki


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