Friday, February 27, 2009

Spilled Milk

We arrived safe and sound after a very hectic weekend. Can you believe we have so much stuff that it wouldn't all fit into a 26 foot truck? What have we become? We've spent the last few days trying to unpack our load and get settled in. I think I forgot to mention that we're living with my parents. Yes, my mom and dad are so gracious, they're willing to let their house become entirely cluttered with baby gear. It feels so strange to be home after being away for almost nine years. I need to relearn the culture,the street names and the word soda instead of pop. Most of my friends from High School have moved on, so new friendships need to be formed. I'm praying that I'll quickly connect with other moms in the community. I'm longing for deep relationships in which we can share our highs and lows. It's tough being a mom and we need each other.

Sy and Ivy are adjusting well to the new environment. The most amazing thing since we arrived, is that Bug has never slept better. Prior to moving, he was still getting up 1 or 2 times a night, but the last three nights he has slept 12 hours straight!!! It must be the fresh Wisconsin air. Ahhh the sweet smell of manure. Speaking of cows, whoever came up with the expression, "Don't cry over spilled milk," must not have spent hours upon hours hooked to a breast pump. Spilling three ounces of freshly expressed breast milk gives a woman the right to have a complete meltdown.


  1. Glad you guys are getting settled...I am sure your parents are thrilled to have you there:)
    Oh...and as far as pumping - I think that is one of the worst things ever... I would nurse Liam for over 30 minutes and then still have to pump when I was done and then nurse him again a couple hours later and repeat the same process... the benefit is that I have enough breast milk to feed him until he is 20:) JK
    Hope we can get together sometime - I am looking forward to meeting your precious babies!

  2. Welcome to Wisconsin! We're not that far away from one another!

    I know what you mean about the milk, too. Liquid gold.

    Prayed for you lots in the last week as you made your move, and will continue to lift you before the Father.

  3. I'll never forget the sound of breast milk spilling as I was pumping because I forgot to change bottles. Utter. despair.

    Good luck!

  4. You got that right! When I was nursing, I barely made enough milk for my little man, so when i spilled some I definitely cried! Glad to hear from you guys and that you made it safely!

  5. I've been following your story for quite a while and found your blog through Noemi. I just want to let you know I've been praying for you so often and love looking at your cute little ones. I have a six month old daughter and we also live in Fond du Lac. (I actually went to college with your sister, Courtney.) Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that my church (Trinity Baptist Church) just started a Mom Time group on Thursday mornings. If you are interested we're meeting this Thursday (the 5th) at 9:00 at church (on Johnson St.) We'd love to have you join us and you could even bring your little ones along. Hope you're making the transition to being back "home" well.

    Oh, and as far as pumping goes - I hear you completely! I had to pump for the first three months after my daughter had seizures shortly after birth and needed to take seizure meds. My mom always told me that breast-milk was like gold!

  6. Glad you're settling back into WI.

    I hear you about the breast milk. I always called it pure gold. I had a fit when my hubby was going to dump some of mine. We had found out our baby had several allergies that were affected through my milk and my diet so I had to eliminate those things to help him out. We had some milk in the freezer that wasn't part of my new allergy diet so he was going to toss it. I stopped my hubby just in time and was able to pass it along to another nursing mom.

    Also the last few bags of frozen milk were still in the freezer when he stopped using a bottle so my friend suggested I just feed it to him in a sippy. I'm so glad she thought of it cause I sure wasn't going to toss it!

  7. Welcome to Wisconsin! We were on vacation for a while and I see I missed a lot. I'm glad Sylas is better. Poor little guy.

    So happy you made it safe and sound and how wonderful that Sylas is sleeping so well!!

    Remember, if there is anything you need, let me know. We would love to get together to play!

  8. So glad it's going well. So awesome about Sylas sleeping 12 hours! Is it because your mom and dad are in his face all day wearing him out with their love? Keep it up!

    Miss you!

    Vicki W.

  9. My dearest Sylas...we finally got to meet you and your darling sister, Ivy and what a blessing it was!!! Your mommy and daddy are certainly lucky to have you!!!

    Continue to sleep through the night, lil' Bug---you have no idea how good that makes mommy and daddy feel! haha

    See you soon, cutie pie---and give that adorable sister a kiss for us~
    Jessica and Jesse France (and Landon/Hannah too)

  10. Hey guys,

    Sorry we didn't get to see you before you moved to Wisconsin. We're actually moving to California on Thursday so it'll probably be a while before we can connect again. Ivy is darling and we're glad Sylas is doing well. Hope you enjoy your new home :)

    ~The Durands (Tabatha, Chris, Noah, Reese, Christopher-Bailey and Beau)


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