Saturday, February 7, 2009

No More Tears

Bug has a surgery coming up next week. His stubborn little tear duct refuses to open on its own, so off we go to Children's Hospital for a day trip. We'll head in early Wednesday morning and if all goes well, we should be home by noon. We met with the surgeon yesterday and found out that the actual procedure takes 30-40 seconds. Crazy! If only Sylas would hold still for that long, he wouldn't have to go under general anesthesia.Even though it's a simple procedure, surgery is always a risk, so if you think of it, please pray for our little Sy guy. By next weekend, he should be tear free.

This sweet picture was taken last June. Did you notice the tear?


  1. With my 3 kids we have now been through 10 surgery and many ct scans where they have has to be knocked out! I think the hardest part is saying good by. Our shortest surgery was like 1 hour and our longest was 3! We will be praying. WOW! 30 or 40 Seconds!! They will probably just use a mask and not intubate! I always say the less anesthesia you have to us the better! If you remember on March 3rd our son is having another surgery on his boy parts. If you can be praying that would be great!

  2. We will be praying for all of you.



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