Thursday, February 19, 2009

Joking Around

Bug is turning into quite the little comedian. Just the other night, he was eating dinner and accidentally scratched his face with a cracker. After a brief pause, he started doing this pathetic little cry. Ryan called me over and said, "I think Sylas is fake crying to be funny." I didn't think it was possible for Sylas to know that it would be funny, so I started talking to him in my most sympathetic tone thinking that he may actually be hurt. No more than two seconds into my comforting, Sy broke out into a grin that looked something like this....

He got me!


  1. Haha, he cracks me up! We are all so blessed to have him:) Only 4 more days to go...

  2. Just a lurker:) how funny..he is adorable!

  3. sylas is so cute! and he has gotton so big! everytime i see him he makes me smile and makes me laugh! he is a hilarious guy! he has his daddy's sense of humor! :)


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