Friday, February 13, 2009

Hospital Stay

Our Little Man was admitted to the hospital tonight. He had been fine all day and Ryan and I dropped him off to be with his auntie while we went out for dinner. We dropped him off at 6 p.m. and when we picked him up two hours later, he was pale, moaning and throwing up. We rushed to the nearest ER and by the time we got there, he was completely unresponsive to our voices. They told us that he was having a seizure which was probably caused by his high fever. After 3 needle pokes, sedation, a scan of his brain, a urine sample taken by a catheter, a chest x-ray and a nasal swab, we found out that he has pneumonia. The hospital we took him to does not admit children, so Sy and Daddy got to take a ride in the ambulance to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. Please pray for Bug. Pray that the Lord will quickly bring healing to his body. Pray for grace for Ryan as he comforts Sylas. Pray for wisdom for the entire medical staff as they care for our miracle. Please pray that I will have peace in my heart, as I desperately want to be at the hospital, but I need to be at home with sweet Ivy.

Thank you for loving our family.



  1. Sylas...we're praying for you little buddy!
    ~The France Family

  2. Brianna,

    We are praying for peace, courage and strength for everyone.


  3. Prayers on the way for a fast and full recovery. Please keep us posted, you all will be in my thoughts today.

  4. Praying for you guys!
    Steve & Shana Pearson

  5. We will pray for healing for Sylas and for strength and courage for Mom and Dad

  6. Being away is one of THE hardest things. Praying for you now. God is faithful!

    The Murray Crew

  7. I am so sorry to hear that, I will be praying for you and your family. I've followed your site and had to post. Our daughter (22 months) had a febrile seizure a month ago. It was such a frightening experience, unbearable to watch. I feel for you, but luckily we've been told by many, many doctors that they are quite common. Not that that makes anyone feel better about it, but it is good to know. I wanted to provide a bit of comfort from mom to mom that a month out, after a fever of 106 (with tylenol) our little girl is happy and doing well. I am sure Sylas will be fine, he has been through so much this will be only a small blip in the road for him.

  8. Thinking of you Sy Guy! I'm sure he'll be home in no time. That little man is Super Sy... one of the strongest kids around.

    We'll be praying for you Morrison's!

  9. praying for've been through far too much already. i hope bug comes home soon!


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