Friday, January 30, 2009

Sylas the Scholar

Our little scholar, delving into the more important things in life.


By the way, I loved loved loved reading your comments on "What's in a Name." So many of you have come up with unique and beautiful names, and some of you have brought me to tears by the way you've honored your loved ones through your children's names. Incredible!

As for the comment from Myself, I'm dying to know your intriguing French name that starts with a "J." I've read through your comment multiple times thinking I may have missed it, but it's still a mystery. Please, enlighten us.


  1. So cute! Maybe he can read me a book when you guys visit next weekend!? ;)

  2. He's gonna be a genius! What a cute boy!

  3. That is adorable! I can't figure out what the J name could be either.

  4. Sylas, that's where I want to be, in to "bosom of God" chair, reading a book with a pacie and a stuffed animal!


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