Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun

Wow! What a weekend! We left bright and early Thanksgiving morning for our 5 hour drive to my parents house. We were so thankful to break up the trip by stopping at my mom's parents house along the way. Thanks for the lovely breakfast Granny and Grandpa. We arrived at my parents church at about 1 p.m. where 50 family members were already gathered, feasting on turkey, mashed potatoes and countless desserts. Sylas was the star of the show saying, "Hi" to anyone who would pass his way. It's amazing how much Sylas loves people. The more the merrier for him. He went 8 hours straight without a nap and was still in good spirits. Little party animal.

After Thursday, things slowed down considerably. On Friday, I did a little shopping with my mom while Ryan and Sylas watched Wall-E with my little brother...who sadly is not so little anymore. Saturday we spent the morning with some friends so Ryan could take a few maternity pictures of them, then for dinner our family had the traditional Christmas Belgian waffles with berries and whipped cream. Due to my enlarged state, we will not be travelling for Christmas, so we had to do it a bit early this year. On Sunday, my sisters and I sang a song for church and were accompanied by my mom on the piano, Ryan on the drums and Phil (my sister's boyfriend) on the bass. It was so fun!!! We haven't done anything like that for a long time.

It was such a fun and relaxing weekend, but during the Holidays it's hard not to think of all we've lost and all that could've been. Especially as we watch Sylas interact so well with other kids. We are sad, but mostly we are thankful for each of our seven children and for all of the blessings God has given us.

Practicing the piano with Nonna

Laughing with Papa B.


  1. You are the Von TRAP family singers!

  2. You are so blessed. Enjoy this holiday season with your family. I am praying for all of you and #7 on the way.


  3. Thanks for being honest about your grief. The holidays are tough for those feelings of loss for a lot of people. I do wish you all the best with #7.

  4. You will always long for what would have been...I know I do (I lost 1 of my twin daughters 13 days into the NICU experience). I often look at our survivng daughter - and although I am thankful...so truly thankful for her, her health, her life...I still wonder what her sister and she would have been like together. I am praying for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and homecoming for you and your new miracle. God bless. Lisa (from VA)

  5. i just found your blog from a friend...

    first, so scary about the u/s pics!

    second, your little man is adorable! i had twin boys in march at 23w3d and they passed away a few days later...still trying to pick up the pieces.

    your little one is truly a miracle! and praying for a healthy baby #7!

    **bet you get funny looks when you tell people that!**

  6. Beautiful baby Sylas. I followed your story when you were pregnant, and just happened upon your blog from another blog link. It's so fun to see pictures of Sylas a year and a half later! Peace to your family this holiday season, and may your mind be calm throughout this pregnancy. Congrats!


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