Monday, November 24, 2008

We've Been Robbed!!!

Over the weekend, I received a message on Facebook from someone I've never met. She informed me that there is a girl on an online mom's group that has been posing as being pregnant with sextuplets and she's using our ultrasound pictures!!! Take a look...

My Original Photo
The first picture is the one she posted on the mom's group site, but we also found her personal blog where she had an ultrasound pic of each of the individual babies. Ryan contacted Blogger right away and by the end of the day, her blog had been removed.

I've heard about this happening before, but hadn't really thought it would happen to us. What type of a person would go to such lengths to get attention or recognition or whatever it is she needs? As appalled and upset that I am, I'm also very sad for her. I hope that someday she finds the love and acceptance she's so desperately seeking.


  1. eesh! that is so scary! i'm so glad that is was able to be worked out in your favor so quickly!

  2. There is a woman that comes in to where I work that swear she is pregnant with 4 and yet she is still working on her feet all day. Her pictures look like ultrasounds taken off the internet.

    I am so sorry that your family has been exploited. In the micro preemie world we see it alot. I am always browsing micropreemie photos for Tylers pictures.. I am hoping to never have to find one.

    us micro moms need to stick together!! Keep our kids safer and report if we see one that is NOT right

  3. OMGosh!!!! Scary...the blogging world is such a great communication tool - yet I try to be cautious with locations, etc....I am sorry that you have experienced such a thing - a violation to your family. Praying for you still - how is new baby girl coming along:)

  4. Oh my gosh! I can't believe someone would do that. I am so sorry, but I am happy that it was taken care of.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Oh my gosh - that is scary. I can't even imagine. I'm so glad you were notified and got her blog taken down. Thinking of you...sending prayers!

  6. This is truly unbelievable! I'm glad she took it disturbing!

  7. That is so very sad, I hope you won't allow this to deter you, as you've been such a light for so many...your faith and love for the Lord shines through. Saying a prayer right now for you

    Sunny in WI

  8. I am sad....I have watched you from afar and been incredibly inspired how you have handled yourselves and your situation. I am sorry that someone hurt your family in this way. I admire you and husband so much. Your faith has spurred me on at times when I have needed it. I appreciate that you have empathy for this woman. I admire you more than I can say right now. Thank you for choosing to honor God even when it is hard to do so. I too appreciate you telling your story and continuing to tell your story. Sylas is truly a miracle.

  9. I sent this post to Down With Trolls (they expose people who do this awful stuff). Here is the link:

    This individual is sick and I'm so sorry this happened to you. You have such a beautiful family and it is no wonder someone would want to be you.


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