Friday, November 21, 2008

The Sylas Report

After firm urging from my mother, I'm finally sitting down to write. So much has happened and it seems as though Sylas is doing new things every day. I'll do my best to get you caught up.

We are about 6 weeks into private physical therapy and it's awesome. We love Heidi, the therapist. She's very sweet, but also aggressive in her work with Sylas and the goals she has for him. My mommy heart breaks as Heidi stretches and pushes our little man to his limits, but the progress he's made has been wonderful, so I know it's worth it. He can now sit unsupported while playing with toys for about 15 seconds. He can also sit on a low bench or stair with his feet planted for about 2 minutes. He's also doing more standing with flat feet (as you can see on the picture above) instead of standing on his toes. We are believing that he is going to continue to make great strides in his gross motor skills during the months to come.

I took Sylas to the doctor last week, because he kept pulling on his ears and he was/is so fussy. Thankfully his ears are fine and all that ear pulling is a result of the 5 teeth that are trying to come in. Two of them poked through this week (which makes12 total), so we're still waiting on the other 3. I'll try to get a closeup of his mouthful sometime soon. I'm loving the toothy grin.

Verbally, Sylas has taken off in the past month. He now says dada, mama (or more often mom), baba, gaga (froggy pacifier), more and hi, usually in context. I know only time will tell, but it seems that the cerebral palsy is just affecting him physically and not mentally. He's so smart!

Due to my new job, Sylas and Daddy have been spending lots of quality time together.

All in all we're doing well. We've hunkered down for the winter to avoid germs, so we spend lots of time at home playing with toys and reading books. I'm already longing for Spring, but still trying to savor these baby moments with Sylas. He's growing up so fast and he won't be the baby for much longer.


  1. Ahhh... thanks for the update. It sounds like Sylas continues to do great! :)

  2. So fun seeing the pictures and reading the update...I know it can be difficult keeping up with blogging...:)

  3. Praise God!What an awesome report Brianna! Sylas is so handsome!

    We had borrowed a Bumbo seat for Emma and it seemed to really help with her sitting. She can sit really well now(until Sam knocks her over!) but still does not seem to have any amibition to roll over to get to toys and what not. Her legs are getting stronger but still are pretty weak.

    Overall, she is doing really well, hard to believe where we were 1 year ago.

    Hope you continue to feel good and we are praying for you as well.

    Take care

  4. Glad to see you back...not seeing you every week has been sad for me. I love seeing Sylas stand! You go buddy!

  5. Awesome to hear how great Sylas is doing! Way to go Sylas!! :)

  6. Awesome update! Sylas is so handsome! What a superstar. Loved the picture of him standing.

    So sorry about being 'robbed'. That's just sad that someone would/could do that.

    Have a great Thanksgiving! Stay healthy!

  7. Ahhh - I am so glad to see an update and that you are back to blogging! He has grown so much!! I am so happy for you all.

  8. Wow! What a big boy...standing on his own like that!
    It's fun to see more pix of you guys.

  9. I am visiting your blog for the first time tonight, although my heart has been touched by your family's story since your children were born.

    My husband and I are missionaries to Chile, and our second daughter has mild CP caused by birth trauma. Her CP was not diagnosed until she was around 19 months old and just learning to walk, but was confirmed through an MRI and subsequent visits with a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. She is now 6 years old and doing amazingly well - people who don't know her story often don't realize she has CP except for the leg braces (AFO's) she wears to help with pigeon and toe walking.

    Hers is spastic diplegia and she continues to see the PMR doctor once or twice a year, with physical therapy twice weekly (varies.) Mentally she is as smart as can be and Sylas appears to be the same! She is also very strong-willed which along with the grace of God has kept her going and trying even when therapy is hard or when she suffers an embarrassment from falling, etc.

    Above all, she is the most compassionate child you could ever meet and I attribute that to her struggles and wanting to help others who are hurting. I say all this to encourage you again (as I'm sure you know this full well) that God has such a special plan for Sylas' life. It will be amazing! God bless you, Stephanie Garcia


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