Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To Eat or Not to Eat

Feeding. Oh, the bane of the parent of a micro preemie! Feeding a micro preemie is like trying to dance the cha cha cha on a tightrope! Impossible. I know that many parents of preemies have it a lot worse than we do, but feeding Sylas is not how I imagined it would be. He started off as a champion eating, chowing down breast milk from a bottle with great passion. That blissful time ended all too soon.

Early in life, Sylas had a PDA ligation, and kids who have this surgery are at risk of one of their vocal chords being nicked by a surgical instrument resulting in a bruised or paralyzed vocal chord. After a couple of weeks of bottle feeding, Sylas had a bronchoscopy and a swallow study done and it was determined that his left vocal chord was paralyzed and he was aspirating milk into his lungs. No more breast milk and on to formula with thickener added. It had to be thickened to a honey consistency. Can you imagine the tiny jaw of a 3 1/2 lb. baby trying to suck honey out of a hole the size of a pin? Cruel. It would take him forever to eat and he wouldn't eat as much. It doesn't need to be thickened anymore, but he still will only take 2-4 oz. of formula at a time.

Back in the Spring, we started to try to feed Sylas baby food and baby cereal. It was met with much gagging and protest. However with help from our occupational therapist it has slowly gotten better. He will now eat saltines, baby food bananas, the broth of Panera's chicken wild rice soup and Ryan's soggy golden grahams with great abandon. Lest I get discouraged, I can watch this video from a few months ago just to see how far he's come.


  1. What a sweet baby boy! Even though he didn't eat it, at least you have those precious little noises on video! What a love!!
    Amanda in Ohio, mama to 7

  2. I understand your pain somewhat. The girls were preemies and one of them did not like her bottle. I would do everything to try to get her to drink her bottle. Finally, I switched to Dr. Brown's...they are the best! And I had a new baby on my hands. And now that she is on Soy milk, she is even happier. She has a milk allergy, so I am sure that was part of the issue too.

    You are doing great! And Sylas is such a big growing boy.
    Thanks again for sharing your story.
    Melissa Gruber

  3. Hilarious! Oh, Sylas, you silly guy! Thankfully, he has come a long way since then!

  4. Sylas and Daddy share a passion for soggy cereal...must be genetic.

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