Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A New Look for Sylas

My baby needs glasses! Sylas had an eye appointment about 2 months ago and we found out that he is quite nearsighted in his left eye and would need glasses within 6 months to a year. That 6 months to a year came faster than expected. He had another eye appointment this afternoon, and the doctor said that Sylas is really starting to favor his right eye and it's time for glasses. We ordered some bright blue, practically indestructible frames today and we should get them in about a week. He looked so cute, but wouldn't leave them on for longer than a few seconds. Have any of you had a baby who needed glasses? Any tips to get them to keep them on?

I'll post pics as soon as the glasses arrive.


  1. My niece needed glasses when she was 18 months or so. I was amazed at how quickly she adjusted to wearing them. I thought she'd try to tear them off all the time, but thankfully she never tried. I suppose if its helping the kids see easier, then they probably don't feel the need to pull the glasses off to much. And probably just like adults, they get used to the glasses and don't even notice.

    Anyway, if you need help with him keeping the glasses on -- I wonder if they have those black sports bands that people wear that go right against the back of the head in his size. It may not be the cutest look, but it might help him while he's adjusting to the frames. Good luck!

    Ok. So now this is a long comment, but I figure I should introduce myself to you and how I came across your story. I used to work with Wanda Palmer. I believe she taught the youth group your husband was part of when he was younger. I shared your first blog with my family and my mother-in-law sent it to KLOVE, who ended up interviewing you. Your story is amazing, and it's amazing to see the power of prayer!!

  2. I have a micro preemie born at 25 weeks and 3 days. He has severe ROP and wears glasses. They "SAY" that if they need them they will keep them on but we have not found that to be true. We have tried to be consistent with him and keep putting them back on. Good luck. Can't wait for pictures

  3. I don't have any advice, but I can tell you that I've been wearing glasses since I was 15 months old. I'm 33 now.

  4. CUTE!! I can't wait to see him. Just duct tape them on, or give him candy every time you put them on, just kidding. I love you!

  5. I wore them at age 2. But you can sort of reason at that age. My mom said I hated them at first, but then could see so kept them on. And I think they told me how beautiful I looked with them on. So give him lots of praise when they're on. And I had a patch. I wasn't so compliant with that. :) Can't wait to see him! Vicki

  6. I am pretty sure they make the bands that go around the head in kid size just for reasons like this. Check the place you got the frames or places like Lens Crafters/Eye Masters, etc.

    Good luck.

  7. Hey Brianna!
    I sure love reading your site!
    I work at an eye clinic right now and we have quite a few little ones that come in and have to wear glasses. I've asked around here and they say the bands work the best to keep the glasses on. They also make prescription goggles with the tighter bands that may work too. I look forward to see pics of Sylas with the glasses on!
    Julia (Isch) Chapman

  8. Can't wait to see him with his new glasses! I agree with Carole, Duct Tape??? Course it could be a bit painful...
    Compliment him. Make a big deal about how nice he looks with them on. When Josh was little, I had these sunglasses for him that had a band that went around the head. He liked to pull them off, but we kept making a big deal about them on, oohing and aahing. After a bit, he decided he liked "wowing" us.

  9. Hi Brianna! Ryan and I would love to see you guys!! Advice on glasses: Ryan has worn his since he was 13 months. Only a month premature...but still.

    When he got his glasses they wrapped around almost his entire ear with the flexible type banding. When he did figure out how to take them off my doctor told me to take his hands and hold them and say "no-no" and then get really excited when I put them back on... He is now 16 and honestly, looking back this challenge is very real but doesn't last that long - Sylas will figure out quicker then you think that he can see better and then won't be so resistent.

    Lots of love to you all.

    Lori Richardson (and Ryan)

  10. My daughter was a 27 wkr and got glasses at 18mths. She hated them!! We were constantly getting them fixed. She has finally at 6 years old decided she really needs them, and asks for them daily. My advice is just be consistent.

    I was also going to mention we are dealing with CP and fine motor delays that mostly affect her hands. My advice on that is just keep the OT and PT going, they have made a huge difference for her!!


  11. Be persistent. He will probably try to keep them off his face for a couple weeks, but keep putting them on and he will learn. My daughter was 19 months when she got her glasses and believe me, it was a struggle at first! :) But they learn to keep them on when they understand they can see better and that it is fixing their eyes. Hope it goes well for you! Don't give up! :)

    *Many blessings*

  12. Hey!
    My name is Joy and I'm from the Netherlands. Last year a friend told me about your pregnancy (she's the sister of Simon Frans and he did DTS with your husband, she told me.) and I'm still following Sylas and your stories :-) When I was 13 month I get my first glasses. During my birth I had a deficit of oxygen and because of that I have really bad eyes. My mum said that she was sooo afraid that I would make big problems with it, but when I get the glasses I was so happy to see something that I loved my glasses!!! Maybe that is also possible with Sylas? Gr, Joy


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