Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birthday Photos

We have yet to post any pictures from Sylas' Birthday on Flickr, so I thought I'd put some up here for your viewing enjoyment. His party was a huge success. Close to a hundred people showed up and Sylas was on his best behavior for the entire thing. He did experience his first sugar rush and then inevitably his first crash. Very cute! A big thank you to our family for helping with the decorating and clean up. We love you!


  1. He is one gorgeous baby! I am a pediatric nurse and I have to say that other than looking a bit small for his age, I would not be able to guess that he was born at 22 weeks! He just looks perfect! What a miracle baby! Congratulations. I followed your story right from the beginning and then started reading Noemi's blog as a result. I'm glad I kept reading her blog so that I could now get a link to yours again. I'm thrilled to hear (and see) how well Sylas is doing.

  2. My heart rejoices to hear and see how well Sylas and the whole family are doing. I love your whole family soo much and have been praying a lot for you all since I first heard about the pregnancy Easter of 07. I can't wait to be able to watch him grow and be raised up to be a mighty man of God- because it is obvious that God has incredible plans for him.

  3. Oh my gosh I love these two pictures! I can't believe how big he is now! I'm glad you've got this blog up and running- I'm going to enjoy keeping posted on your little guy while I'm overseas.

  4. Hi Bri,
    I am glad that you have a blog for Sy guy. He is so precious. and i hope you know how much we love him and you and Ryan!

  5. He's a beautiful baby. It feels a little funny writing this to a stranger, but I'm another reader who followed you from your original blog, then read your friend Noemi's blog, and now here.

    Looking forward to your updates!
    Sunny in Wisconsin


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